Shots to the Spanish people

We are happy to announce that Frifeldt Group and Pure Shots has entered into a collaboration, to jointly develop the shots culture in the Spanish country. Frifeldt Group, in collaboration with PURE shots, will be responsible for all sales channels concerning Spain, thereby creating market shares in a new market.

One of the most important decisions for a business is the appointment of an intermediary to market the products of the business to third parties. The appointment may be domestic or for other countries as part of an international expansion. Two arrangements commonly used are the appointment of an agent and the appointment of a distributor. Ensuring that the most suitable arrangement is chosen for the circumstances can be a difficult one, in light of the legal implications of each arrangement.

Our team has significant experience in advising businesses on agency and distribution arrangements. As one of the few international law firms with a dedicated commercial law practice, we provide practical advice and assistance from strategic planning to dealing with negotiation and implementation of contracts and contract management.